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sex hd all,One of the best Karl Fischer water content tester in China, high precision & stable quality & friendly interface, high sealing performance, 10ppm-100% widely measuring range, suitable for long time continues working, easy to install & operate, rich accessories & consumables

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It can be used for accurate analysis of solid, liquid, gas sample crystal water, adsorbed water, free water. WT-KF Series Karl Fischer moisture analyzer has a number of innovative technologies, won the 2010 National Science and Technology Commission project support, Shanghai Science and Technology project funding support, and a number of national patents, performance indicators among the best in the industry, can meet a wide range of petroleum, the water content of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, food, machinery, agriculture and many other industries measured demand.,extreme sex vdeo
  1. Using closed titration cell, extremely low drift, automatic replacement of solvent and drain liquid effluents, to avoid toxic agents escape and environmental water infiltration; design a variety of caps adapt to a variety reagent bottle;
  2. High titration precision control technology; patented high-precision control piston and titration techniques can be controlled reach 1 microliter or less accuracy by using a 20ml burette, titration continuous measurement to ensure far low wear & failure rate than traditional way.
  3. Automatic measurement, intelligent endpoint algorithm, using various Karl Fischer reagent Karl Fischer reagent with uniformity result; can achieve automatic suction/drain Karl Fischer reagent, automatic measurement drift, results computing, solvent inhalation, waste discharge, stirring speed and other functions;
  4. Titration speed automatically adjusted according to moisture content and reagent water equivalent, fast and accurate determination of the average sample test time less than two minutes;
  5. Patented technology of suspended transmission assembly mounting method makes the extremely low noise in operation, intelligent fault identification, hardware failures automatically stops running to protect critical components;
  6. Minimalist man-machine interface, LCD display, real-time display metering pump injection volume, detection time, amount of sales agents, current water volume, drift and other testing parameters; Also show a variety of instruments (moisture content, percentage content, reagent consumption), titration curve, measurement results are automatically memory; permanent preservation recent test data, can be equipped with dedicated data printer;
  7. A variety of auxiliary detection function: Delay titration, endpoint delay, custom end, waste container overflow warning, auxiliary test, results statistical calculation;

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